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Keep Your Skills Sharp Challenge


Seeing as school is going to be out for a little bit longer, and the OBA is restricting in person baseball activities until at least June 1, we would like to keep our players active and involved. So OSMB is having a “Keep Your Skills Sharp” challenge. 
For the challenge players/parents will keep track of the amount of time spent doing baseball activities at home. These baseball activities can include; hitting, throwing, catching etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You might not have a partner for these, so use a wall, the ball hanging from a string in your garage, doing a baseball workout or something else you can think of.
The total amount of time you spend on baseball activities will be your score. (enter in multiples of 5 minutes)

Recording your progress: Go to our Challenge recording page to have your parent enter the amount of time spent on baseball related activities.

Bonus Point: Want to earn bonus points - submit pictures, on the photo submission page, of you participating in a baseball activity so others can get ideas. You can do this up to 5 times, but each picture must be of a different activity, ie; 1 throwing, 1, hitting, 1 fielding, and so on. Each picture submitted will get you 50 bonus points. (Note:By sending your picture, you are giving OSMB permission to post it on the organizations website).

This is completely on the honour system and is meant to be fun.
Updates will be posted on the home page of our website when possible so keep checking for updates.
There will be prizes at the end however prize breakdown and items to be determined. I can tell you that OSMB has worked with Garb and Gear to create OSMB swag and prizes will be OSMB swag. Potential prizes will include OS Hawks Hoodie, Hat or Long Sleeve Dry fit shirt.

Contest will run until August 15, 2020.

Participants must reside in the Owen Sound Minor Baseball boundary.

Good luck to all and have fun.
Owen Sound Minor Baseball Executive

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